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Imagine a world where one apartment could replace your salary



Hi! I'm Sri

I'm an investor in apartment buildings and I help full time working professionals learn and do the same.


I invest in cash flowing markets as well as high cost of living markets. I enjoy talking real estate, and teaching real estate beyond the standard narrative. I truly believe that finding the right strategy that fits with your risk profile, your life and your goals is the key to getting your real estate investing off the ground. 


Why Apartment Investing?

Larger cash flow from fewer deals

Imagine getting larger cash flow from one deal, having to think about and oversee just one deal, economies of scale from acquiring a larger number of units?

Less downside risk

Truly passive after they're stabilized

Commercial rental housing has historically been the lowest risk investment after treasury bonds

Each deal is big enough - it allows you to pay other people to take care of it

Allows you to think big 

Once you understand the mechanics of how apartments are valued, its much easier to think of upgrading to a larger number of units, and have your equity working for you, alternatively it also becomes easier to pay off the loan with the cashflow generated as well.

Ready to create some real wealth for your family?


We all have the best intentions for our family.


You're likely here because you've built a nest egg, you want to invest in real estate, but you've have had some roadblocks - time, money, lack of cash flow, lack of support on deal analysis, mindset, not knowing your risk tolerance.



Retire with Multifamily

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