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Do you have disability insurance?

March 2011, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

A doctor asked me that as my husband was sitting in a wheelchair unable to walk. 

I had no idea if we had disability insurance, and quickly thereafter she said he will not be able to walk in 5 years so be prepared.

We were scared. 

This was scary.

We had to figure this out. We had to find a way if the doctors word actually was the truth. 

Spoiler Alert: Don't worry, he made a full recovery.

What started out as a journey towards financial independence for us as a family has grown into a mission to share what I learned along the way. 

Besides learning the ins and outs of real estate, I learnt lessons around how you gain clarity to invest in real estate.

Armed with that clarity, real estate doesn't feel so hard or insurmountable anymore. 

My goal is to bring that feeling to you.

Help you gain clarity and confidence to invest in real estate.





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