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The Apartment Investment Mastery program is structured such that you CANNOT fail. There is a real estate strategy for every kind of risk, time and money appetite. If you feel discomfort I will guide you to what your options are that fit your constraints. You will be held accountable, there will be reasonable homework, and you will get results.   

How to pick your Market

  • Fundamentals of Rental Property Investing

  • Definitions & Terminology

  • California specific strategies

  • Identifying out of state markets to invest in using data

How to pick your Strategy

  • Fundamentals of ALL real estate strategies

  • Exponential growth vs. linear growth in real estate

  • Assess your time, risk & money profile

  • How to work with realtors, mortgage brokers, property managers to keep your investment passive

  • Conventional and Creative deal financing

Financial Analysis/Underwriting

  • OM, P&L, RentRoll

  • Three levels of deal analysis

  • Evaluate 10 deals

  • Submitting an offer

  • In contract due diligence

  • Asset management

Bonus Material

  • Virtual Tour of a 14 unit building in Bay Area

  • Tax Benefits of Apartment Investing

  • Resources for Brokers, Property Management, Renovation


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